I like to pretend that taylor stalks my blog but i doubt it

((The sound of evil laughter in the distance…))


I wish I could dress my cats in Halloween costumes but the one time I tried that, Meredith tried to jump off a balcony.

People say all the time, “you need to spend some time to yourself, and figure out who you are”, and I never really understood it until it happened to me. And I woke up one day, and I just realized,



taylorswift lets bake together ok? Ok

I mean yeah but… Normally I just eat the Halloween cookie dough straight up out the fridge cuz YOLO.

When I’m deeply hurt, I usually respond by writing exactly how I feel in a song, but I just haven’t been devastated in the last couple of years. I made the decision to spend time on my own and figure out who I am.”


me and lorde chillin. she texted a pic of my sweater to taylor btw



"Cats are unpredictable and cussed, just like women."

Slay feminist queen

She looks so uncomfortable through this whole thing. From the moment he insults Olivia you can just tell. Bless her

Long Long Live…